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Welcome to Aftermath:

We're glad you took the time to check us out. Aftermath is a guild that is just getting started.....again. We were around in BC days as Burning Aftermath, then when I stopped playing for a bit, reformed and eventually broke apart. We are a progression oriented raiding guild. While we focus on progression, we do it in a low stress environment. We do require a few things of our raiders both in game and out of game, but we don't over kill time in raids so people get wont get burnt out.

We are focusing on 25 Man raids. Raid times are Tues, Weds & Thurs 6:00-9:30. Yup, only 10.5 hours a week, and we will be one of the top progression guilds, if not number 1 very soon.

We have smart raiders and smart raid leaders. All raiders are expected to participate in forum discussions with regards to progression and character development. Also, Raiders are expected to do your homework before coming to raids. In the past we've down up to 3 new progression bosses in a single night because of the little bit of time spent participating on the forums. We also require very good raid awareness. We expect our healers to be able to heal with no addons if the need ever arose, use of such just allows for greater raid awareness, not allow a healer to keep up. Our tanks will do their homework and be ready with knowledge of where to move the boss and when, when to use CD's and how to gem and enchant the best. All raiders are expected to participate in theory-crafting your characters to maximize their rolls. We also require great listening skills of our raiders. I may not be perfect as a raid leader, but if a group listens and follows instructions exactly every time, then we can correct mistakes quickly and move on to the next boss. This may sound like a lot, but were only talking a couple hours a week outside of raids that can eliminate up to 4 weeks of practice on a boss. These are the small things that are required of every raider and the things that will make us top guild on the server.

We use the epgp addon for loot distribution, and every member of the guild is required to have this addon. This is an automated form of the old dkp type system where gear is earned based on participation and handed out equally to raiders. The only exception will be if the raid is waiting on a specific roll to be geared to progress, then we will focus that roll for a few items to continue rapid progression. We will never gear out one person fully ahead of the rest of the raid. If we give a few items to a person, they will still be charged the gp for it and it will take them a while to get their PR back up so as to continue getting gear.

We do require a few addons. All raiders must have Epgp (Dkp Reloaded), Epgp Lootmaster, Deadly Boss Mods, Omen and Recount or Skada if your lagging with Recount. We will be using all of those addons during a raid.

We do expect our raiding applicants to have some significant raiding experience, and be familiar with group mechanics. We are fairly strict about who we let join for a raiding position, however, we are looking for good players and are willing to train you to catch up to main raider status.

We are a friendly, family oriented guild. We do not allow swearing in guild chat or on vent. We expect people to act mature in talk and actions. The reputation of the guild on the server is important to us. There will be no "Elitist" players in Aftermath. We expect you to join pugs, to help people that send you tells asking about your char, to be positive in trade chat and be a good representative of the guild.

If this sounds like a guild you would like to be a part of and you are willing to do the things listed above, please post an application then check back to the forums in a day or so for a response to your Application.
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